Kindergarten Around the World (tagged on twitter as #kinderworld) is a twitter-based, virtual exchange project, for our very youngest students.
Project signups from interested teachers are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please visit Project Description and FAQ to sign up.
(Pour des informations en Français, SVP visitez "En Français, SVP!" ou bien écrivez moi! Je suis toujours à la recherche des classes de langue française pour le projet.)

People are Talking...

Kindergarten Around the World has received some attention from both the media and the education/social media blogging communities. Read more about us here:

  • CTV National: Twitter in Kindergarten
  How a Kindergarten Class Uses Twitter to Learn About the World

Inspiring Learning Outcomes with Twitter in the Kindergarten Classroom 

Learning to Tweet in Kindergarten: This Teacher Deserves An Award
Twitter in the Kindergarten Classroom 

I Heard Them Say, Love is the Way

If you have blogged or otherwise written about Kindergarten Around the World, and would like me to link to you here, please send me a note!

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